Winter Troubles for Rochester Roofs

Nov 21, 2022Blog, Rochester, Roof Damage

Winter in Rochester can be a rough time of year for your home or business’s roofing system. From fallen tree branches to snowstorms, your roof must survive a variety of seasonal hazards. Failure to schedule a pre-winter roof inspection could cause a roof ill-equipped to survive the cold months. Review this list of problems your roof could encounter this winter.

Natural Problems

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Ice Damming

Ice dams happen when a ridge of ice forms along the edge of your roof, preventing melting snow from properly draining. This can lead to water sitting on your roof and eventually causing serious property damage, such as wood rot, leaks, and mold growth. Ice dams are most common on roofs with improper insulation, where heat from the house warms the roof in certain places but not others.


Icicles hanging from your roof or gutters can present safety hazards to you and any visitors to your home. Icicles form when melted snow runs down your roof and drops from the sides – likely due to a damaged or ineffective gutter system. Correcting the source of the problem may take gutter cleaning, repairs, or replacement.

Flashing Leaks

The flashing of your roof keeps moisture out of the underlying roofing materials. The pieces of aluminum you may see around the edges of your roof or chimney are the roof flashing. Flashing leaks can occur in winter from weeks of freezing and thawing processes, as well as age-related rust and corrosion. Inspecting and replacing old flashing before winter can help prevent leaks.

Home-Based Problems

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Age and Condition of Attic Insulation

It’s so perfectly easy to forget about what’s going on up in our attics, especially if it’s a section of the home that rarely, if ever, gets visited by family members. However, it’s this sort of neglect that ends up resulting in sky-high heating bills, drafts, and the occasional critter infestation. If it’s been some time since you last took a look at the condition and density of your home’s attic insulation, it’s something you should definitely do soon. Attics are prime sources of cold drafty air, and an inspection also allows for a unique perspective of the interior roof.

Function and Performance of Older Windows

When the temperatures start plummeting, your home’s windows can be a telltale sign of how efficient or inefficient they really are. The metals from older windows warp and contract over time, making drafts possible even when they’re not blatantly obvious. Having your windows, guides and hardware inspected can help in deciding whether repairs are needed while giving you the information you need to reduce heating bills and increase energy efficiency.

Visible Roof Damage and Structural Integrity

Most people know that their roof has issues that need attention, though many never take the time to give it the regular inspection it needs. A concerning number of roof problems are the result of damage that begins small, and can’t be seen, before manifesting into much more expensive repairs or replacement requirements. If you’re not keen on climbing ladders to fine-tooth each intricate section, having a professional roof inspection is an affordable and smart way to make sure everything is okay.

Be Sure Your Rochester Home is Winter-Proof

If you’re a Rochester homeowner who wants to make sure that everything is in order and ready for the long winter, call the experts at Carter Roofing & Exteriors in Rochester. Harsh wind, snow, rain, and sleet during a Rochester storm could severely damage your roof. You may experience lost or damaged shingles, and moisture entering and damaging your home. Prepare for bad weather this winter by scheduling a comprehensive roof inspection and maintenance check in the fall. Contact us today!

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