Common Roof Replacement Reasons In Rochester

Mar 24, 2022Blog, Rochester, Roof Replacement

When you’re a homeowner, your roof is an integral part of protecting and ensuring the safety of yourself and your family. A fully functional roofing system will keep your house cool, clean, and dry. People replace their rooftops for many reasons, primarily because their roofs might have sustained some damage or significantly aged over time. For homeowners in Rochester, severe wind speeds and ice damages are the common causes of their roofing damage.

How These Elements Affect Your Home In Rochester


Significant storm damage is one of the leading reasons for roof replacements in the US. Storms are often accompanied by intense wind speeds, significant rainfall, snow, or hail. These weather conditions can wear away at your roofing materials, leading to their gradual deterioration. Uprooted trees and downed power lines usually end up falling on rooftops due to severe wind speeds.


The wind is a powerful and destructive force that can wreak havoc on your Rochester home. It’s essential to protect your home against the damages associated with this natural phenomenon, some of which include wind uplift, loosening of roofing materials, breaking of materials, and more. Extreme wind events like tornadoes or hurricanes can completely destroy your rooftop or even your home.

Ice Dams

Ice dams are a common occurrence in Rochester due to the significant snowfall that the area receives. When the ice dams form, it places tremendous weight on your rooftop and causes water to leak into your home. Trapped water on your rooftop will rapidly deteriorate your roofing system and cause its premature demise.

Old Age

Old age is often the main reason why homeowners replace their roofing systems. Old rooftops tend to have missing shingles, leaking ceilings, loose roofing components, and more. Rooftops that have reached the end of their lives can no longer protect homes and homeowners from the onslaught of the elements and thus no longer serve their fundamental purpose.

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