5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

Apr 11, 2023Blog, New Windows, Rochester, Window Repair, Window Replacement

Imagine a home with no windows. How depressing would that be? The lack of sunshine and warmth streaming through the glass. Missing the soft snowflakes falling through the air during the first snowfall of the year. Watching the grass green up with the spring rains. 

Iain Pears, English art historian, novelist, and journalist is quoted as saying, “The walls are bare; look out of the window and you have a finer sight than any painter has ever placed on a piece of canvas.” What a beautiful vision! 

The windows in our homes offer so much more than just openings between sheetrock walls. Windows offer a peek into the world outside. The joys of watching children ride their bikes up and down the street, and falling leaves in the autumn. 

How do you know if it is time to change the windows in your home? Perhaps you have become accustomed to the windows you peek out of every day. Here are 5 signs you may want to consider upgrading to enjoy the new technology and protection new windows can provide.

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Too Hard to Operate

As a home shifts and settles, the windows may become lodged or stuck. Opening a window to let in fresh air is such a beautiful springtime event! However, if your windows are too hard to open or close, it may make this joy more of a burden. It is probably time to change the windows in your home if they have become hard to operate. 

Energy Efficiency

Choosing to install new windows is one thing homeowners can do to cut their monthly energy bills. Chilly winter air can seep through the little cracks, creating a draft in the home. New windows can seal up an area and make it sound once again. 

Outdoor Noise

There are times when we love listening to the sounds of nature, or the busyness of the day. However, there are also times when we desire to shut out the world and enjoy some peaceful tranquility. New windows are able to block many of the outdoor noises creating a soft atmosphere inside. 

Poor Curb Appeal

Are your windows dated? Looking old and dingy? New classy windows can increase the curb appeal of your home and offer a complete look to the neighbors. There are so many options to choose from when it comes to windows. Perhaps french panes intrigue you!

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Damaged Windows

There are times when rambunctious neighbor boys accidentally through a baseball too hard, and crack! There goes your window. There is no time like the present to consider window replacement. There are also times when the seal is damaged, and condensation or water can seep down in between the panes. This damage just can’t be fixed.   

When it comes to replacing windows in Rochester or simply inquiring about your current windows, place your trust in the window experts at Carter Exteriors in Rochester. We are here to assist you with installing new windows in Rochester so you can better see the outside world. 

Our process is easy! 

  • Free consultation to discuss your needs and budget
  • Prep work prepare the interior and exterior for us to work on the installation
  • Replacement of the windows
  • Clean up, leaving your property in tip-top shape
  • Commitment to providing excellent customer service from start to finish

Call us for a free inspection when the time comes to need new windows. We are here to help! 

“ Happiness is the biggest window a house can ever have!”, Mehmet Murat Ildan

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