On Trend Choices: These Are the Most Popular Roof Colors in Webster

Feb 14, 2023Blog, Curb Appeal, New Roof, Roof Colors, Roof Replacement, Webster

When you look for a roofing company in Webster to get a new roof, you have many options to help you boost the look of your home. When it comes to picking a color scheme for your roof is not easy for all people. First, you must decide what type of material you want to use and then choose the color. Roofing materials will vary from metal, slate, asphalt, and more.

roof colors, curb appeal, new roof, roof replacement, Webster

How to Choose a Roof Shingle Color

The best way to choose a roof shingle color is to pick one that accents your siding colors. If you’re looking for more texture or have multiple shades on your home’s exterior, you can get shingles that combine a few colors for a speckled look that can accent many colors at once.

When in doubt, choose a rustic color like brown or gray. These colors will never go out of style, and they can provide excellent texture to your home’s exterior. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something different but still classic, then black will always be timeless. When you’re choosing your roof color, you may want to consider more than just how it will accent your siding. There are many considerations to make, especially since this is a significant investment in your home. So when choosing your roof shingle color, consider these aspects below as well.

Light or Dark Roof Color?

One of the more outstanding questions people are concerned about relates to the shade of roof they should choose. The main difference between light color and dark-colored roofs is that the darker shingles will absorb more heat from the sun’s rays and be about 10% hotter than the lighter shingles. If you are environmentally conscious and want to save on your cooling bills, choose a lighter color. However, there is also the reverse effect that occurs in the winter. When it comes down to it, you should pick the color you love most to go with your home because you will have to live with it for many years to come.

How Does Texture Come Into Play?

Basic siding can pair really well with a standard shingle roof or any other roof material. But if you have cedar shakes, metal, or any other premium siding, you may want to think twice before installing a basic solid-color shingle roof. More premium shingled roofs like architectural and designer shingles can give much more dimension and give your home a more premium look and curb appeal.

roof colors, curb appeal, new roof, roof replacement, Webster

How Does Roof Color Affect Curb Appeal?

Curb appeal is the impression your home makes on visitors or potential buyers. Roofs have a big impact on curb appeal, but unfortunately, problems with the roof can create a negative first impression that can be hard to erase.

If your roof has moss, stains, missing shingles, or other visible issues, this can make your whole property look unkempt. Potential buyers, especially, may not be able to look past a poorly maintained roof, even if the rest of the property is gorgeous. A beautiful roof creates a great first impression and lets visitors focus on all the amenities of the house. An attractive roof suggests a well-cared-for home and pulls the whole look of your property together.

When choosing the right color for your roof, consider the color of your siding. A contrasting color creates a very pleasing appearance. If possible, consider matching your roof color to a small feature on your property. Matching your roof color to your trim, shutter color, door color or other, smaller parts of your home creates a pulled-together look.

Carter Roofing & Exteriors offers exceptional roofing and siding installation. If you’re ready to see what a new roof color can do for your curb appeal, call today for a free estimate and see your new roof take your curb appeal to the next level!




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