Enhancing Your Home’s Curb Appeal With Siding Upgrades

Mar 14, 2023Blog, Curb Appeal, Siding

Installing new siding can be one of the surefire ways to enhance your home’s curb appeal. There are nearly limitless options when it comes to choosing new siding for your home. Between material types, colors, designs, and warranties it can get overwhelming, especially if you’re dealing with siding for the first time! Carter Roofing & Exteriors in Rochester is a professional roofing and siding company. They share some siding ideas to help boost your curb appeal. If you want to make your new siding to be protected invest in a good gutter system!

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Siding Options

Vinyl Siding

If you’re looking for a low-cost, low-maintenance siding option, vinyl could be the one for you. As the cheapest and easiest material to work with, once installed, you won’t have to deal with maintenance again until you’re ready for a new look. Cleaning vinyl is as simple as washing away dirt and grime with just a bit of water, and you won’t have to worry about rust or decay. Plus, vinyl siding is so versatile, coming in various colors and textures, that it can give you any style your heart desires.

Because vinyl is human-made material, you can pick and choose precisely what you want your home’s siding to look like. Vinyl siding can emulate wood, stucco, brick, and stone in virtually any color under the sun. Similarly, you can easily have it cut into the exact sizes you want, whether you’re going for long planks or small squares. You’ll be able to fully customize the siding on your house when you choose vinyl siding.

Fiber Cement

When you opt for fiber cement siding, you may be surprised by how much heavier it is than some of the other siding options available, but it has coveted benefits and perks that could make it the choice for you and your home. Fiber cement siding is suitable for ever-changing climate conditions. We offer numerous services and products for fiber cement siding to assure the siding can withstand snowstorms, hurricane winds, UV rays, and more.


Composite siding is one of the most durable materials available for siding installation. You may be surprised by how much it looks like natural materials, such as real wood. We offer this type of siding for commercial and residential applications. This product may require more maintenance than other types of siding; however, a benefit of choosing composite siding is its similar appearance to natural wood. Composite siding will last much longer than natural wood.

Add Textures

Adding texture adds dimension, visual interest, and major characteristics to your home’s exterior. Combine all three, and you’ve got a major curb appeal boost as well. With texturing, there are different ways to design and add a look. Wood siding, for example, is a timeless choice that can be installed in a variety of different styles. From shingles and shakes or board and batten, wood siding offers plenty of visual depth.

new siding, siding replacement, siding upgrade, curb appeal

Accent With Different Siding Styles

Accents, particularly exterior ones, help break up the surface of your home and create different styles. Depending on the architectural style of your home as well, siding styles can work differently. Gables, windows, or accents on siding, can all either add a pop of interest or complement the overall appearance. Windows work well with a bright contrasting color that will naturally draw the eye around the home. Gables tend to work well when a different siding style is added to create a natural break in the exterior. For example, use vinyl clapboard on the main house, but use vinyl cedar shakes for the gables instead.

Siding accents are typically a strip or trim of a different styled siding, compared to the style on the main house. White scallops as an option are a very popular choice for siding trim because it adds subtle elegance and charm. Plus, scallop accents work well with many architectural styles.

Siding Contractors in Rochester

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