The Best Time To Replace Your Roof In Rochester

Jan 28, 2022Blog, Rochester, Roof Replacement

The decision to replace the roof of your home should not be made at the spur of the moment. Careful planning and consideration must go into this home renovation project for many reasons, including the availability of your preferred roofing materials, the availability of your chosen roofing company as well as the best season in which to complete the roofing project.

Your roofing company needs to work in cool and stable weather conditions for them to complete your roofing project on time. Stable weather conditions allow your roofers to work uninterrupted so they can complete your project accurately and efficiently.

The best season to complete a roofing project changes, depending on where you reside; in Rochester, Spring and Summer is the best time of year to see to all your roofing needs. We explain why below.

Rochester has a humid continental climate, meaning the summers are fairly warm, whereas the winters are freezing, snowy and windy. Rochester is lucky not to be affected by too many natural disasters. The city is mainly affected by heavy rain, which sometimes leads to flooding or heavy snowfall.

residential roofing system during Spring season in Rochester


In Winter, temperatures in Rochester regularly drop into the single digits. Rochester receives about 77 inches of snow during the Fall and Winter seasons. It is not recommended to complete any roofing projects during this time.


The first snowfall of the season usually occurs around Fall. Temperatures start to drop; however, there are a few days in between where completing a roofing project would be possible. It’s important to monitor the weather should you wish to complete a roofing project during this time.

Spring and Summer

The temperature increases and weather conditions become a little more stable during the Spring and Summertime in Rochester. These seasons are by far the best time in which to complete all your roofing and home renovation projects.

If you’re considering a roof replacement for your home, now would be the best time to give Carter Roofing & Exteriors in Rochester a call so that we can schedule your roof replacement project.

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