6/16/22 – Severe Thunderstorms Whips Through Greater Rochester

Jun 17, 2022Blog, Local News, Rochester, Storm Damage

Residents in the Great Rochester area felt like a shockwave had passed through as severe thunderstorms rolled in. The storms quickly progressed and brought with them damaging winds, heavy rains, and hail the size of ping pong balls. The National Weather Service advised residents to stay out of harm’s way as the severe wind gusts are capable of downing large trees. They were also told to expect some damage to homes, vehicles, and property.

One resident in Lima thought a freight train had passed by his home when the storm toppled a large tree. The trees completely blocked the resident’s driveway and street directly in front of his house. Trees across the area littered the streets, with many of them causing damage to roads, homes, fences, and rooftops.

Due to the increasing heat and intense wind speeds, the Greater Rochester area was placed on a tornado watch. As the wind whipped through the area, thousands were left without power.

In Farmington, residents took to social media to document the hail that had thundered across their roofing. In Livingston County, the National Weather Service estimated that wind speeds reached around 100mph. According to one resident in the county, the sky went black, and then the storm hit.

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